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~ Dawn
Dawn Lauridsen
Welcome to DMC!! We are HERE to serve you!
We specialize in unique custom embroidered and appliquéd
clothing and accessories for infants, toddlers, and young
children. We hand make many of our items that we sell
through custom orders and in stock designs on this web
site, on our Facebook page, and in our store in Canton,
Texas at Canton First Monday Trade Days.

Your child will look awesome in our unique children’s
clothes with our embroidered and appliquéd designs.

Embroidery and appliqué is one of the most valuable
handmade crafts and is highly sought out as unique
wearable art. We offer a large collection of designs on
children’s clothes that will showcase your child's fun and
original personality. Natural materials and the high quality
of our handiwork make our clothes one of the BEST values
– just what your child needs.
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Embroidery and Appliqué ~ wearable art
Embroidery stitches are actually sewn into the garment, usually
with a backing that adds support to keep the stitches tight and
to prevent bunching and wrinkles. The beauty of embroidery
lies in the richness of the thread colors and the way it stands
out from the underlying garment. When properly cared for,
embroidery will last as long, or longer, than the original
garment. Embroidery presents a very professional look and is
ideal on polo shirts, dress shirts, uniforms, jackets, caps,
beanies, canvas bags, backpacks, blankets, towels, robes, and
a wide assortment of items.

We also do a lot of appliqué. Appliqué is a sewing technique
that involves stitching a small piece of fabric onto a larger one
to make a pattern or design. It is a technique used to decorate
a part of a garment or product. The technique is accomplished
either by hand or machine.

All of our appliquéd designs are first created using special
design software. Then the designs are stitched out using our
professional embroidery machine.

First, the shirt or bodysuit, backing paper, and the appliqué
fabric are affixed into the machine's embroidery hoop. The
design is run and the machine makes a loose basting stitch
over both layers of fabric. Next, the machine stops for a
pre-programmed break so we can cut away the excess
appliqué fabric from around the basting stitch. Following this,
the machine continues on to complete the design as
programed on the software, automatically sewing the satin
stitches and any decorative stitching over the appliqué for best

We mostly use appliqué for our birthday designs. We stock
many colors and styles of materials for the most unique and
fun design for your child's special day, holiday, or even for
every day wear.
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